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YJ800MLB 168/192/216/240/264 coated textured high-speed (one step)
Type: YJ800MLB
Name: YJ800MLB 168/192/216/240/264 coated textured high-speed (one step)

performance and features: < SPAN lang = ENUS>

1. YJ800MLB is my market in recent years based on the characteristics of plants, with reference to the most advanced texturing technology and the actual situation in our plant itself

developed the most advanced high-speed covered stretch yarn machines, spinning the machine can not only conventional polyester, nylon shot silk, more important is spun polyester

lun, nylon filament was shot in the air directly coated with polyurethane so obtained elastic covering yarn. The machines in a multi-purpose function.

the machine cost savings for the user to save the plant area. Is the unique innovative products on the market.

2. YJ800MLB deformation of hot-box to biphenyl vapor heating, heating and centrally controlled by the computer temperature control, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃ , to ensure that each < / o: p>

spindle temperature, consistency, uniformity of dyeing is conducive to further improve DTY wire color retention performance.

3. YJ800MLB designed to be relatively independent of both sides of the spinning process can be set independently. Meet the user of a spinning machine can simultaneously two specifications of varieties.

4. YJ800MLB use of imported belt and drive, all the key parts of the bearing machines are imported and domestic brands. Roller bearings

with anti-vibration sleeve closed strong structure, to minimize power consumption and noise of the machine to further improve the overall performance.

5. YJ800MLB adopted the most flexible, most reliable false twister, and its maximum speed can reach 14400 to be transferred / points, its optional 6mm < / st1: chmetcnv> and 9mm two

with different thickness of the friction disc, to meet different deniers, different varieties of stretch yarn needs.

6. YJ800MLB electrical system AC motor variable frequency modulation control technology crash, the whole machine drive system with speed feedback loop to achieve drag,

speed control accuracy of less than 1.5 ‰. Touch screen technology, more convenient set of process parameters.

7. YJ800MLB transmission-side drive with timing belt, simple structure, low noise.

8. YJ800MLB using a special structure The grooved drum Coupled with sophisticated electrical control to achieve precision winding, effectively preventing the emergence of overlapping,

ensure that the cheese good and forming a smooth unwinding of.

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Main technical parameters :

spindles : 144/168/192/216/240/264 tablets (24 ingot / section )

The maximum mechanical speed : 600m / min ( II roller speed)

false twister : stack of disc friction false twister

The first hot box : biphenyl gas heating (length 1.4m or 1.6m )

Cold track length : 610mm

friction roller diameter : Φ 90mm < / P>

Pitch : 1520mm

ingots from : 110mm

Denier range of processing (dtex): 22 ~ 111dtex

Spandex denier : 30D ~ 70D

the maximum size of the original wire : Φ 435 x 120mm

Standard roll weight : 4.5KG

Roll Size : Φ 250 x 240mm (dual-cone cheese, taper 75 or straight edge)

Dimensions (L X W X high) : 11525 x 6920 x 3090 (mm)

Total Power: Installed power : 49.5KW

effective power : 29.5KW

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