YJ737B Towel Loom

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YJ737B towel loom
This towel loom is used to weave all kinds of spiral satin or small jacquard satin towels for face, tea, bath and floor etc. With the material of cotton, wool and blended yarns, it is especially suitable to weave heavy towel.
2.Main Data
Reed width(cm)                            200(78”)、230(90”)、260(102”)、280(110”)
Rotation speed(R.P.M)               240RPM(78”)
Weft selection                               6,8colors
Yarn count                                     Cotton:7Ne-60Ne Wool: 12Nm-100Nm Chemical fabric:100D-650D
Dia of warp beam(mm)              (terry) φ800 or Φ600mm,(ground) φ680 or Φ600mm
(According to customers demand)
Dia of rolling-up(mm)                  Φ600mm
Let-off type                                     Up: positive electric let-off       Down: electric let-off
Terry raising type                          Cam type movable read terry raising
Height of terry(mm)                      Step less adjustment from 2 to 12times
Shedding mechanism                 Upper-placed electronic dobby (mechanical dobby is optional)
Number of heddle frame            16pages
Weft stop                                         Piezoelectric control
Warp stop                                        2rows electric warp stop
Color select                                    mechanical color select (electronic color select is optional)
Electric control                                P.L.C
Motor power(KW)                           2.2KW~2.6KW
Weight(kg)                                      2000kg-2500kg
Overall size(mm)LxWxH               4706x1936x2220(230/90”)
1.  Adopts the cam with eccentric shaft structure for making terry motion. It assures the machine having high reliability of making-terry and regulating facility.
2.  Thicker weft beating shaft assures enough beating rigidity, it can weaving the wide fabric more than 2800mm
3. The suspension of narrow track design, reduce the orbit of the friction of the warp yarn, reduce the warp broken ratio. The use of high quality carbon fiber rapier head obviously decrease the weft broken and extend the service life of the rapier head.
4.  The two electromagnets which controlled the terry raising, controlled by technical program which set by electric control system, it can weaving high and low terry.
5. With the automatic pick finding device, greatly improve the workingefficiency of operators.
6. Adopted centralized oil lubrication device, greatly reduce operator’s work
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